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She sits and watches TV when she feels someone behind her but when she suddenly turns no one is there. She stands, thinking her girlfriend is playing a trick on her but after a few seconds someone who snuck up behind her savagely attacks her.
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A nylon is quickly wrapped around her neck and she is violently while standing. Nowhere to twist and turn, she tries to reach back for his face but cannot. He is wringing her neck while holding her body erect.
Her friend has just returned. They were always just a step ahead or behind one another. When she enters she thinks her friend is playing a prank on her just like shed done on Halloween but this time she wasnt falling for it.
Once he knows that cunt is dead, he scoops her into his arms, carries her a few steps to the couch then drops her lifeless body there, admiring it for a moment until he hears a car door close in the garage area.
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The channel has its own online website, where you can transfer after your wife decides to enter the living room and to stop your sexual TV show. Adult.
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She is the one he wanted first. Weak knees her to drop to them and he jerks and wrings her neck even more. It is personal for him and he follows her down to the floor until she is still.
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