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Polly Russell, Curator of Politics and Public Life at the British Library commented: Press Office contacts.SMS Flirt. We hope that this new version will help users learn more new words in both English and Kazakh languages, - said Simon Williams, Director of the British Council in Kazakhstan. Contacts and addresses.Find out more or contact the press team on).Under challenge were the Juicy Fruit juicy fruity fresh and cheap chewing gum ads, and Mandate perfume ad. Taking control of our sex lives by Angela Hamblin (Issue 104, 1981). A detailed article based on accounts by ordinary women about what sexual liberation means in.By Frank Main THE WATCHDOGS : Sex predators living in public housing despite ban. Sexual predators are still living in public housing in Chicago despite a federal ban, a Chicago Sun-Times investigation found. By Robert Herguth and Tim Novak.  The digitised magazines will be a wonderful resource for younger historians and feminist activists, researchers and all the women (and men) who wonder what their mothers, aunts, grannies and older friends got up to all those years ago.From today, every edition of Spare Rib magazine will be available to be viewed by anyone online for free. The British Library will host a curated Spare Rib website featuring 300 selected pages from the magazine, alongside articles written by academics, activists and former contributors.Marsha Rowe, co-founder of Spare Rib magazine, said: Im thrilled at the digitization of Spare Rib by the British Library. Its as if the magazine has been given a new lease of life. By making the magazine freely available over the internet, it can encourage.The British Library is the national library of the UK and one of the worlds greatest libraries. The Business IP Centre, based at St Pancras in London, opened in March 2006 with the help of London Development Agency funding.Debra Ferreday, Senior Lecturer, Centre for Gender and Women's Studies, Lancaster University comments: The importance of the Spare Rib archive can't be overestimated. It's a unique record of the Women's Liberation Movement which will be of huge value to feminist researchers, scholars, students and activists.