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Published: 13:01 GMT, 15 February 2016 Updated: 13:46 GMT, 15 February 2016 View comments. Things certainly got steamy during Monday night's episode of The Farmer Wants A Wife, with not one, but two farmers enjoying passionate kisses with some lucky contestants.'Having just had a kiss with Gabi I'm sort of a bit lost for words he laughed. Loving: Earlier in the night Jedd also found himself locking lips with Sam following a one on one date.First to seal the deal with a sweet smooch was farmer Matt, who took a particular liking to blonde beauty Gabrielle after she took him aside for an intimate chat. During their alone-time, Gabrielle decided to air some concerns she had about feeling left out.And those things I think you just know when you know. AP: You had your heart broken on The Bachelorette. To break hearts is hard, too, and to break so many hearts must have been hard.'Put yourself first in the situation and ask yourself too is this right for you? Am I right for you?' he said. 'This is all perfect. You actually bring out a lot she responded. The pair cuddled before leaning in for a prolonged kiss, which.Jan 13, 2015. a farmer from Arlington,. wants to take a wife on the 19th season of ABC's The Bachelor. Chris Soules, a farmer from Arlington, Iowa (population).The Bachelor: Chris Soules supported by fellow Andi. wants to be the leading man on the upcoming season. old cheesy CW show Farmer Wants a Wife.That first night is pretty difficult. AP: Have you spoken to the woman you picked about how shell deal with watching the show and seeing you on other dates? Or will she even watch the show?Horrifying! Impatient sports car driver causes motorway mayhem. Bizarre moment man throws himself onto car bonnet. EasyJet passengers cheered as two 'rowdy' women were ejected by police. Plumber propositioned by lingerie clad actress while his girlfriend watches.Now Soules says hes in love and excited that the whole journey worked. In a recent interview, Soules said he was confident in the process of finding love on TV. I had to leave harvest, which is one of the most intense periods for our.