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According the Tribune, Pa Alabi who is a carpenter, was contracted by a lady under whom the victim was an apprentice, to build a safe for her. It was during the course of the project that he lured the teenager into having sex with him.
A police source informed Tribune that the suspects neighbours said it was in the old mans character to go after under-aged girls. In an interview, Pa Alabi admitted having sex with the girl and the paternity of the baby.
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He also agreed to marry her and take care of her and the baby when born. According to the man who lives at his family house at Oje area: "I am a carpenter and I still work till the present time.
My second wife is the mother of the boy who is an SSS3 student but she has left for another man. Currently, I have no wife. I dont go looking for any woman. I usually have sex with any of the married women who like.
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