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Male:Evolution believes that, the most important element of intimate eye contact is presence, for without it intimacy cannot survive. Extaticas Ellen Eatough points out that, yes, this type of intimacy can be a bit scary. For many people, prolonged eye contact at any time can feel.Most people have sex in the dark, so eye contact isnt even possible. Even if there is enough light to see, many people will avoid eye contact. Your faces may be within inches of each others, but odds are youll find ways to look at.Mio 74.99 The world's favourite cock ring for enhancing your pleasure together. Fifi 89.99 Versatile, elegant rabbit vibrator for multi-level pleasure. G-Kii 89.99 To really hit the spot. Previous Back to Blog Next.This is the reason they avoid such situations in normal cases. Eye contact in bed However, things are different when you are in bed. This is the time when you should have long time of eye contact with the partner.Your man will not share his feelings or express his desires in bed. But you can smarten up and decode his body language. He's the mood setter If he's the one to sweep you off your feet by lighting scented candles and playing sensual music.If youre in a relationship, try gradually incorporating more eye contact with your partner. Again, start with lower-intensity situations, like when youre talking about your day. Work your way up to making contact during more vulnerable moments, like when youre sharing your feelings.Practice making eye contact during sex. Try it out for one or two seconds at a time, then let yourself close your eyes or look at something else. Practice taking slow, deep breaths while youre doing this, to help regulate any anxiety that may come.This makes her come closer to you and the bonding is strengthened in the process. Having an eye contact is extremely important. It may be so that your partner is suffering from insecurities in life.First you should look for a physical characteristic on the face of the woman. It is important that you take notice of the beauty she has. Now, after you look closely at the beauty of the woman it is time that you comment on her.They can be reticent at times. In this position, you two can't make eye contact, so he doesn't feel like he's exposing himself emotionally. He gives you a back massage. Your guy is into visual delights.Builds trust. It doesnt matter if your sexual partner is a casual friends-with-benefits or a long-term romantic partner having more trust leads to better sex. When you believe that youre with someone trustworthy, you open yourself up to a wider sexual repertoire and greater pleasure.