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HuffPost Originals Copyright 2016 m, Inc. "The Huffington Post" is a registered trademark of m, Inc. All rights reserved. Part of HuffPost HPMG News.It ends up in a deteriorating relationship between the husband and first wife.'. SecondWife has 35,000 members, mostly from the West Midlands, while Polygamy has 7,000 since its launch last year. Visitors first click on a verse from the Quran, that reads: 'Then marry women.Leading Muslim MP Khalid Mahmood has branded the venture 'stupid' and warned that women entering a polygamous relationship are waving away financial rights usually attached to a marriage. He said: 'It puts a person in huge peril because they are not allowed to claim, as a partner, on.Published: 17:09 GMT, Updated: 20:22 GMT, Controversial: Azad Chaiwala, 33, is the brains behind me and m. A controversial Muslim entrepreneur has created a dating site to help men find a second wife with close to 35,000 Britons signing up.Is it illegal to have a mistress?' He added: 'People go to a nightclub and have a one-night stand and that's the end of it. Men go with prostitutes; people look for swingers' clubs. 'A man wants to get married to multiple partners in an honourable manner, he.Family values: Mr Chaiwala, 33, said his dating sites promote fidelity and stop women from being lonely 'There is not a woman on earth who would be totally comfortable with it he said. 'Even the Prophet Muhammad's wives showed signs of jealousy.'Islam puts a limit on the number of wives, while with other religions there is no limit. If it is good for me and acceptable in the eyes of God, it must be fine.'. The growing popularity of m, underlines the broad appeal of having multiple partners, the.He said: 'The response has been amazing. It has changed good dating apps for ios Free hot grannies all previous notions. 'Polygamy is still a taboo. How many have the guts to say, 'I want to partake in it'? 'But if people do want to partake in it, I am giving them that service.Mr Chaiwala said that polygamy, across all religions, is more popular than it has ever been. The East Midlands businessman intends to use m to find two more partners - but admits his Leicester wife has concerns.