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She is a frequent guest on radio and television shows including NPRs Brian Lehrer Show, Oprah, The Today Show, Dr. Oz and The Colbert Report. In addition to Esthers 30-year therapy practice in New York City, she also serves on the faculty of The Family.
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Fluent in nine of them, the Belgian native is a practicing psychotherapist, celebrated speaker and organizational consultant what does a lot of eye contact during sex mean Tinder hookup to Fortune 500 companies. The. New York Times, in a cover story, named her the most important game changer on sexuality and relationships since Dr.
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Known for her keen cross-cultural pulse, Esther shifts the paradigm of our approach to modern relationships. She is regularly sought around the world for her expertise in relational health and communication, team building, erotic intelligence, couples and family identity, work-life balance, and corporate relationships.