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The Faculty of local slags middlewich Uk sex forum Geology and Geography comprises 10 Departments : Contacts Faculty Dean: Prof. Nikolay Boyko Tel./Fax: 7 (863) E-mail.
Nowadays the Faculty is headed by N. I. Boyko, Full Professor, Full Doctor of Geology. The Faculty closely cooperates with the Research Institute of Physical and Organic Chemistry, the Research Institute of Biology and the Research Institute of Biosphere Geochemistry of SFedU.
The Faculty also engages in official capacity such research institutions as: the Institute of Marine Biology, RAS; the Institute of Mineralogy and Petrography, SB RAS; AzRIRH, Hydrochemistry Institute of the State Committee of Hydro-Meteorology, RF; Geology Institute RAS; All-Russian Geological Research and Development Oil Institute.
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Faculty of geology and geography trains students in 7 majors: geology; geologic survey and mineral resources prospecting; geography; hydrogeology and engineering geology; oil and gas geology; geological ecology and tourism. The staff includes one Full Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, one Associate of.
Faculty graduates are employed by companies carrying out geological survey, design and prospecting, and research. They also work at schools and colleges, travel agencies, environmental protection agencies and other environmental bodies. The Faculty of Geology and Geography is listed among the oldest in the Southern.
The faculty is divided into 9 departments: mineralogy and petrography; mineral deposits; environmental geology and applied geochemistry; hydrogeology and engineering geology; oil-and-gas geology; physical geography, ecology and environmental protection; economic and social geography and nature management; general geography; regional studies and tourism; general and historical.