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We are all here for liberation. Illicit abrahmacharya is such that a wife or a mistress of one's in this life birth may become his mother or his daughter in his next life. Such are the dangers of this sexual world.
These days, this happens everywhere. Have you any idea where your next birth will be?' People who have enjoyed sex that is not rightfully theirs will have to suffer painful miseries. Even their daughters would become characterless.
There is no problem in enjoying what is rightfully yours. Questioner : Which tendency is that which drags one to enjoy sex which is not rightfully his or hers? Dadashri: The intent of deceit and theft.
Should there not be a line of demarcation between what is rightfully yours and what is not? You should never cross that line. Still, people have crossed that line, have they not? This is called beastliness.
The Lord says that, there is liberation for the one who indulges in rightful sex but there is no liberation for the one who indulges in illicit sex. These people do not understand much. They are like a stray animal that is always looking for.
If He were to refuse even this then he would be guilty. He has said no to what is not rightfully yours. If repentance is done for all illicit sex, then also one can be freed.
That is why wise men practiced brahmacharya and got out of it by attaining liberation.
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And if you have renounced sex then you should never look towards anything sexual. It is inhuman to take what is not rightfully yours, to wish for what is not rightfully yours and to wish for sex that is not rightfully yours.
2. Any sexual activity between a man and a woman who are not married to each other; outside the legal or holy bonds of marriage. illicit sex rate (Adult / Slang) (Expression) a sexual act that is improper or condemned by law or religion.
It is important to note that engaging in same-sex activity does not necessarily. Locations where illicit sexual activity occurs are often advertised locally with.
By disregarding what is rightfully yours, i f you engage in sex with another woman, you will have to take birth wherever that woman goes in her next life. If she goes to a lower life form, you too will have to go there with.
As long as they have not tasted illicit sex they are relatively safe. As oon as they taste it, they go wild. This does not suit us. Our Hindustan h a s such spiritually developed people.