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When you get to know him better, youll understand that he is a very good person. Когда ты лучше его узнаешь, ты поймешь, что он очень хороший человек. Learn означает узнать что-то новое. Например: Ive just learnt very interesting news.He Says: Dont be the class clown. Being a funny guy definitely works with women. But when youre the class clown, thats where things go haywire. You cant have a 1-dimensional personality because women like to know that you can be serious too.This is crucial because I personally believe everyone needs a little bit of time for meditation and rest. Exhaustion and overworking can make us look worse and make us neglect our dating lives. Take some time to relax, go have some fun at a bar.Now if only this kid was Asian, THEN this article would totally be appropriate for Amped Asia. But still, I thought I would share some of my views on what this kid is preaching. Although his dating tips are worded for the young crowd, many.Its good that youre lighthearted, but women need that emotional connection as well. Thats why you need to have a dynamic personality. He Says: Get over her quickly. This is key because the next woman might be right around the corner.Guys who get women innately understand how to dress in order to convey confidence. He Says: Dont act desperate A man who has choices in his life is never desperate with the girls that he dates.If youre going to be sulking youre not going to be attractive to women. Get over her quickly and move on. You might even want to read my tips on getting over someone. Alec Greven is truly an inspirational kid.He Says: Dont be hyper You might think that being hyper is something thats only for kids. Youd be totally wrong. Adults are sometimes too hyper, meaning we get so caught up in doing our daily routines that we dont take time to relax.I wish I knew what he knew at a young age. Place your ad here Loading.Предлагаю разобраться в том, чем отличаются, похожие по переводу, слова find out, get to know, learn и recognize. Каждое из этих слов можно перевести, как «узнать». Но не все так просто, так как «оттенок» у всех слов отличается.When he can choose between several different girls who have interested him, then he becomes the prize. If you show to the opposite sex that you are the prize it makes them start chasing you.How you dress tells a lot about your personality. Wearing expensive clothes may give a hint to women that you are rich. Wearing sloppy shirts and clothes that dont fit might convey that you dont know how to look good.