Sex and the city 3 release date

(Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images) Since Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte flew back home from Abu Dhabi in the end of "Sex and the City 2 there have been no news as to what is next for them.
Sarah Jessica Parker says that she does not think that any of the old cast would say no and that she is not yet sure if what is to come is a series or a movie.
Ever since that time, fans have been wondering what adventures are up for the quartet and if a third "Sex and the City" movie is coming anytime soon. Vanity Fair reports that through the years, there have been dozens of rumors and innuendos that have.
Secret Sex season 01 episode 06 The Monogamist season 01 episode 07 Three's a Crow season 01 episode 08 The Turtle and season 01 episode 09. The Baby Showe season 01 episode 10 The Drought season 01 episode 11 Oh Come, All Y season 01.
A lot of fans, however, found this very appealing and would be please to know that Sarah Jessica Parker herself teased that the whole cast including her, would be returning to their career launching roles in the near future.
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