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Test5 NickName: Password: Forgot Password?19. The Bartender Perhaps she is the most special and interesting female character in GTA 5, although she is not a key role and her name is never mentioned in the game. She is a no-nonsense woman who has a younger husband and doesn't take.Yes, we catch her literally in the most compromising sexual act possible but it's with someone in the exact same social position. What does it say about society both with and without, we only remember Poppy than him?By making the character a protagonist's daughter, the game lessens her sex appeal while illustrating how degrading the whole thing is. Tracey is walking into a life of casting couches, subservience, and pornography with her eyes wide open.So, already, I'm inclined to note Rockstar is better aware of the exploitative nature of the system than most video game developers. The next major female character of the game is Amanda de Santa, Michael's wife.After pulling a Lethal Weapon and tearing down her stilt house's deck with his truck, Michael gets a call from Natalia. She screams into the phone that he has been greenlit and is immediately attacked by gangsters and slung into a gun fight.GTA IV lacked female villains but possessed an ample number of upper-class professionals to round out the prostitutes and strippers. I even maintain a special fondness for Mercedes Cortez who has no role in. Vice City other than kinda-sorta being Tommy's girlfriend before turning to.You have to buy a specific outfit to sneak into the Life women looking for farmer Search woman Hungary Invader head office. If you try on the wrong things, she will say mean things to you, until you buy the right outfit for the mission.Trevor Philips rounds out the main trio of protagonists by having the most out-there relationships with women. The implied survivor of sexual abuse by his mother, Trevor's Oedipus issues are just one of the several dozen major problem his psyche suffers.Sadly, the other character's relationships with women are not as in-depth as Michael's family. Franklin's relationship with women is, IMHO, the worst in the game. Franklin pines for his ex-girlfriend Tanisha, a character who exists primarily as a voice in the game.Radio personality turned talent show contest host, Lazlow Jones also highlights how the 'perks' of being a celebrity include sex and how it goes away as you grow older and less relevant. Yet, curiously, GTA V is one of the few games which doesn't normalize.16. Paige Harris - The Other Hacker. When I first saw that I could pick a lady to be a part of my heist team, I was excited. Would she have unique dialog? Would I be able to hangout with various members of the heist.12. Sapphire - The Stripper After paying for a relatively cheap private dance and playing the hide-the-hands from the bouncer mini-game, she invited me to go back to her place. After we arrived I was treated to some pan-up-while-characters-grunt-loudly sexy time that lasted about 5.7. Tanisha - Franklin's Ex-Girlfriend It is made clear early on in Franklin's stoyrline that he is still hung up on her despite the fact that she is adamant about not wanting to be with him.