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Sure, I was worried about attracting porn addicts and other sleazoids. But friends assured me that dating online was cool, safe (if you're smart andconsidering the numberscompletely logical. Today, more than five million singles are shopping in the U.S.Veggie says he once worked as a Jackson Hole ski instructor; now he's a freelance film editor. He's got nice arms, I notice when he takes a swig. As the martini buzz comes on, I start feeling a faint attraction.Or maybe they're just delusional. "U look interesting. but I'm far away in India writes one guy, who adds, absurdly, milfs local Women gutersloh "Are u planning to be here soon?" Next, I have an exchange with a med student in Nepal.All you have to do is pick an anonymous screen name, offer some statsage, height, and zip codeand, if you want, write a few sentences of self-description. Most important, you rank your favorite sports. If other members like your profile, they send you an e-maila."Your profile is superb and it is the thing that pulled me towards you!" he writes. I respondhe's so sweet, how can I refuse? and tell him that, during college, I spent a month living in a village in southern Nepal, studying meditation with a.