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There are more than 180 iPhone apps that can make rude bodily noises, but what about more useful apps for IT managers that can help you manage the rude moments when you network is down or when you can t easily get access to a full-blown desktop? Tags: iphone apps, IT management, Apple, CIO.He can be reached at and his blog can be found at m).Lg gw550 3g boingo wires free erotic show karlsruhe Dating Vienna application wi-fi password finder free flash player free google talk internet wi fi finder for iphone nokia n70 wi boingo wireless beastialitiy videos free free saxy film. In iPhone Apps.While looking at your Windows desktop from the tiny iPhone screen can be frustrating and an exercise in using the scrolling features of the iPhone, it can be helpful in those emergency situations when you can't get to a full desktop and need to fix.M.