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Lies squarely on my shoulders. I should have had a career. Or should have learned a trade, or honed a talent. I should have had a Plan B of my own before I settled into my short-lived role as a housewife and a stay-at-home mom.Stepping out of a chauffeur-driven Bentley, the socialite also flashed a hint of her ample cleavage. Lisa was visiting one of the restaurants that she owns with her husband, Ken Todd. The couple own and run Villa Blanca in Beverly Hills and SUR in West.Honestly, it's cute stuff, and if I had a few less chins and few thousand more dollars, I'd be all over it. Instead, I focused on the huge bowl of Greek pasta salad and the red wine.You don't need to work.". Maybe another reason was due to the whole. Opt In/Out discussion that's happening all over the freaking place. I read these stories with a somewhat jaundiced eye, seeing as I'm part a demographic which isn't discussed much at all.Now, as I have stated before, I'm not one to judge a woman by what she does all day. Or so I thought. Because when I overheard one mom, who happens to have two adult children (her youngest is my oldest's age, 19 reply to.But I know that there are some who aren't going to be just fine. Some will end up like me. I had great alimony and even better child support, and a five-year plan that would have left me with a house that was paid off.Kelsey and Camille's divorce was finalised on Thursday morning - freeing him to marry 29-year-old British flight attendant, Kayte Walsh. The pair began dating last year while Kelsey was still married but had moved to New York to star in Broadway production.President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton on stage after the president's speech at the Democratic National Convention at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, on Wednesday, July 27, 2016. Photo Credit: Newsday/Thomas A. Ferrara advertisement advertise on newsday Among the innumerable flip-flops, course corrections and.Baiting the ever-baitable Donald Trump to rant about the "woman's card" is a shrewd way to pad her lead. Opinion Your election reflections No doubt Clinton, a lifelong feminist, believes her rhetoric about shattering the final glass ceiling, but one thing is clear from her.Video embedded Is Jules Wainstein getting the axe from Real Housewives of New York amid. Find out now. More top stories. Bing. and is launching a Kode with.For instance, gender is a very poor predictor of attitudes on abortion. Opinion Cartoons: The race to the presidency in 2016. To make the case that women are coequals in the Coalition of the Oppressed, feminists often rely on hyperbole.Pathfinder for Womens History Research. and Office of War Information records to study the lives of women as workers, housewives,. Switzerland. JK 1965 W46.I was the woman who was told by my husband, "You'll never have to work." Hell, even after our divorce, when things were still amicable and we still spoke and he still paid child support, we sat across from each other at a little sports.Verklempt? Yes, I was, along with grateful. She sent an email asking if I would be able to pay her back, which I of course said YES to. The kicker was, and I had to explain this to her, if I wrote her a check.