Sex lies and online dating rachel gibson

And then, theres Quinn. The man oozed sex appeal right through the pages, I tell you. It was cute the way he found Lucy attractive at the onset and by the time he was already falling for her, I was swooning all over the place.
The only thing that held me back from giving this book a 5-star was its mystery plot. I felt like Gibson couldve taken the serial killer subplot and gave it a. Criminal Minds -esque spin.
Now Rachel Gibson tells all about. Sex. What is it about men anyway?. She s really a mystery writer, dating online while researching her.
Rachel Gibson s novel is more than just a romantic story of a crime novelist and an undercover cop.
Lies. But sitting across from her now is "hardluvnman and he seems differentsensitive, honest, and hot! He says he's a plumber, while Lucy claims she's a nurse! She's really a mystery writer, dating online while researching her next book.
Hey, everyone lies a little, don't they? And Online Dating. But Quinn's really an undercover cop hunting down a serial killer, and he sees Lucy as his top suspect. And while he could really go for this smart, sexy woman with the killer bodif that's.
Quinn thinks that Lucy not only writes crimes, but is a killer herself. Quinn's ex-fiance was Amanda. He still remembers the day when he came home to see amanda and his best buddy since highschool Shawn in bed together.
Quinn never expected to be on a date with Lucy, and while he was with her, the serial killer chick killed another man. which means Lucy isn't the serial killer after all. Quinn confessed to Lucy the next day that he thought she was a.