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This means it heals quite well and there is less chance of the wound breaking open at a later stage. Once we had divided the muscles, we could see the peritoneum - the abdominal membrane - and, using a pair of scissors, we made a.
We washed out the peritoneal cavity, where we carried out the operation, with saline solution, again siphoning off the fluid. Finally, we stitched up the peritoneum and closed the muscles. We can do a continuous suture, a sort of running stitch, along the membrane covering.
Once visible, we wrapped it in a swab and carefully lifted it through the wound. Then we had to detach it from the large bowel. The appendix has a little fold with a blood vessel running into it so we had to locate it and.
And in women of child-bearing age, these symptoms are an area of concern because they may also be signs of a gynaecological emergency, such as pelvic inflammatory disease or a ruptured ovarian cyst. We do a range of diagnostic tests - abdominal ultrasound is quite.
I went into work and had a couple of meetings, but by 10.30am I was bent over in pain. When a colleague original opening sentences dating site Private free Dating asked what was wrong, I described the pain, and he immediately said it sounded like appendicitis.