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Now she doesn't. BINGO. Maybe you can go into the office an hour later every day, and give her that alone bath and beauty time. You take the kids completely for one hour every morning.
Its not that hard to do as many of the guys on here have no idea what theyre doing. Most are very lewd and nasty and this is really not what most women are looking for.
It's just too late to discuss this. So fix this moving forward. First thing you have to do is sit down with your wife one on one. Hire a babysitter and take her out. Sit her down and tell her the truth.
I signed up for the Free Membership sometime mid-week I guess and started looking through the profiles of the ladies in my area. There were A LOT that looked active and some that I was just dying to meet.
Running away from the problem doesn't actually resolve it. Guys, the mistress seems stress-free and wonderful, but the reasons you're leaving your wife aren't just going to disappear if you go. Eventually dead-beat dads get caught.