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Intervention the beheading of Western reporters and the tendency of groups like the Nusra Front to take any Westerners they get their hands on hostage. On the government side, its not actually all that dangerous.On November 30, 2016, a month-long intensive course on diplomacy concluded on the premises of the Bulgarian MFA. The course, organized by the Diplomatic Institute, was the third edition of its kind and was successfully completed by 21 participants; the group comprised of professionals from.They meet with journalists. And then they stay in touch when they get inside. And even the worst-hit towns, the most besieged, heavily-bombed places where people are starving to death tend to have internet a couple of hours a day.Barnard and Cambanis fell in love and got married while they were reporting on the war in Iraq. They ran The Boston Globes bureau in Baghdad. Theyre now living in Beirut with their two children and managing to write about the war in Syria from.And those governments insist that they are not hitting hospitals systematically. But when you look at the numbers, its hard not to suspect that. And there seems to be attacks on all kinds of civilian russian woman looking for man sex Sex today meet infrastructure schools, hospitals, roads, all kinds of areas and marketplaces.They cross the lines inside Syria, and they cross the international borders and go back and forth. So theres numbers dozens, hundreds of people who come out from both sides of the conflict. And they come to Beirut, they come to Turkey, they meet with.In turn, the participants thanked the organizers and shared how taking part in the project significantly contributed to the acquisition of new knowledge, helped improve a number of their skills both personal and professional, and even served to introduce them to the traditions and customs.So how do you report on the war if you cant actually go there and see for yourself? BARNARD : Well, weve worked really hard over the last five years to develop an extensive network of contacts.