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Moreover, its shot differential (how many shots on goal a team makes compared to its opponents) was negative and the sixth worst in the league. That its players converted such a high percentage of their shots into goals was remarkable and unsustainable.
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Last summer, Brentford shut their academy. Instead, they now operate a B team for players aged 17 to 20. They aim to recruit footballers hungry for a second chance after being rejected by other clubs, and EU players who see the Championship as a stepping.
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In a match, or even over a season, a team can score fewer or more than its performance merits. A famous example is Newcastle in 2012, says Ankersen, who besides his football job is an entrepreneur and author.
Its a fascinating experiment, and whether Brentford will achieve their goal of reaching the Premier League in the near future is uncertain. But on the day we met, Ankersens conviction that his teams fortunes would turn was not misplaced.
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Yet in 2016 Brentford slipped to ninth. Despite the disappointing season so far, Ankersen insists the strategy is the right one for a small club with a small budget. Underpinning Brentfords approach is the understanding that luck often plays a big part in football.