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This is naturally much easier if your character doing the walking is highly perceptive and sees it, but if you have to, you can get around it even if you don't see it. Once you're there, loot the chest if you wish.
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The next gate you come to is locked, and there is a nearby lever. However, using the lever still brings a Locked! denial message the first few times you use it. Go southeast from there to trigger a Standing Guardian and break it, then circle.
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You'll encounter human enemies, members of the Immaculate. Combat will often feature a mix of enemies attacking you, but no unusual strategies or special notes are necessary. That said, the Immaculates tend to favor fire elements, so prepare against those as necessary.
When you first encounter a puddle in the ground, it will talk to you in a woman s voice, thus triggering The Lady in the Lake. This is an automatic.