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Vital showed me his little treasure: a Thors hummer necklace and a bracelet. Belarusian womens beauty is world-known. Many Vikings settled down in Belarus because of this. Thats why were such a good friends.
ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I have the best group of cheerleaders in the world, and I heartily thank them all: Harry Matetsky 1, Molly Murrah, Liza, Tim, Tara and Kate Clancy, Ira Matetsky, Matthew Greitzer, Rae and Joel Frank, Sylvia Cohen, Mary Lou and Dick Clancy, Ann Waldron.
The two sailors who had rented and subsequently fled the room had already been tracked down by police and were being held for questioning. I snatched up my scissors, cut the article out of the paper, and placed it in the labeled and dated manila.
I send heaps of gratitude and good wishes to my dear friends at Literacy Volunteers of America-Nassau County, Inc., and my fellow mystery writers and readers at Sisters in Crime-Central Jersey. And to my wonderful co-agents, Annelise Robey and Meg Ruley of the Jane Rotrosen.
There I go, lying again (Ive been doing a lot of that lately). Im not really thinking about leaving my job. Ive always wanted to be a crime and mystery writer-ever since I was a skinny midwestern teenager, eating potato chips in bed and reading.
The blood wasnt real, of course-not in the sense that I could actually see it, or touch it, or accidentally smear it on the sleeve of my brand new pink angora sweater-but the paper was dripping with it just the same.
Some choice. I can write about murder, or just wish it on myself. Like I said, it isnt easy being me. Chapter 1 WHATS BLACK AND WHITE AND RED ALL over? A blood-soaked newspaper-like the Monday, December 20, 1954 edition of The Daily Mirror I.
3 3 Корзина
My best friend and next door neighbor, Abby Moscowitz, is pushing me into this. Shes so bossy its cruel! My first and only novel-the extended, true-but-slightly-fictionalized account I wrote about the Babs Comstock murder-hasnt even been published yet, and already shes badgering me to write.