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I dont mind being fifty-two. I mind being bombarded with messages that menopause is going to make me her bitch, that its time to trade in my thongs for Depends, and that Im more likely to hold hands with my man in tandem hammocks than.
My gynecologist is around 70 herself, and seems to have an older clientele. I thought about the women who had sat stony-faced and slump-shouldered in the waiting room with me. They all seemed old. I dont mean numbers old; I mean not-with-a-bang-but-with-a-whimper old.
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Do women stop having sex after 65 A few months ago, during my annual well woman visit, my gynecologist asked me if I was sexually active.
I m 60. and irresistible to men of 20 who want sex with no strings attached : Read. By and large he wasn t interested in girls of his own age. Time to move into a granny annex, maybe?. It was like looking into a cake shop and seeing all the scrumptious little cupcakes with their colourful swirly tops.
Or do they lose interest in sex because the culture tells them theyre too old to need it, want it, enjoy it? When I was miserably married, and my sex life was as parched as the Sahara, I felt old.
In other words, if its important to you, youll keep on doing it. Having taken a lot of sexual histories from midlife women, its probably true! says Dr. Jan Leslie Shifren, associate professor of obstetrics, gynecology, and reproductive biology at Harvard Medical School, and co-author.
Its also not clear how often they had sex. There are many reasons why sex may slow down for women when they get older, not least of which is menopause. When the ovaries stop making estrogen, the vaginal lining becomes thinner, theres less vaginal elasticity.
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Dr. Shifren also offers this advice: Bring some novelty to your life. Take vacations. Go on date nights. Why bother with all this? Sex is important to womens health. It revs up metabolism and may boost the immune system.
The collective tacit sighs in that room had been deafening. Perhaps one reason the life force appeared to have drained from their bodies was that theyd stopped having sex? When I read articles that are targeted towards boomer women, or when I see images of.