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And as they became comfortable and as their guards went down, they allowed themselves to become attracted. Actually, that last part's a concept I owe to my old business partner, MNX. He first introduced me to the idea that a lot of women are controlling.
They have missteps and make some clumsy maneuvers and they end up knocking themselves out of contention for the girl. Why do guys do this? It mostly comes from lack of understanding. Lack of understanding of some basic core social dynamics that influence how we.
The seducer knows that most women aren't pop stars or supermodels or CEOs. He knows he doesn't have to be the most impressive man of her life to catch her attention and that, in fact, positioning himself as such is likely to put him out.
Acting overly interested in uninteresting topics. Venturing onto uninteresting topics themselves And there are a lot more than that. But you get the idea. Point is, most men mess themselves up while trying to get to know a girl.
A woman isn't going to feel comfortable opening herself up to you when she feels like you're positioned 3,000 feet above her as vastly more accomplished and ridiculously superior. Instead, she'll close off. And this is what happens with most men's efforts to get to.
A lot of the guys in the seduction industry recommend "screening hard" to "show women you have standards." They're coming from that same mindset that you need to "display higher value" in order to "impress" women, basically.
In this post, I m going to take a look with you at the old concept of screening and qualifying, at how men usually get to know girls and the mistakes they make.
Best of all, I'm going to introduce you to a very different way of thinking about getting to know women from the traditional screening and qualifying mindset that's so pervasive out there right now, that's guaranteed to help you fit the pieces together in a.
Screening is a normal part of human interaction and dialogue. It's how we get to know one another. Screening is great, wonderful, and absolutely essential. BUT, one of the things you're often told about it is completely wrong.
They want a man who's charming and attractive a man they're going to want to open up to. Women want to open themselves up to a man they're attracted to off the bat. That takes working on your fundamentals on things like how to be.
Jul 4, 2014.
Screening is the term for the practice of (usually) asking women questions about themselves to get to know them better. Statements can also be used to encourage women to self-screen, but for beginners the easiest things to start off with typically are screening questions.