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Tatars started to settle on its outskirts at the beginning of the 16th century. Since then the North-West of Minsk had been called Tatarskaya slabada or Tatarskaye pradmescie, which means Tatars' Suburb. Belarus hosting first conference of rabbis of European communities Belarusian manufacturers will increase.Nowadays, the biggest Belarusian meat-processing factories are working on getting these halal quality certificates. The first plant to get it is based in Slonim. Alexander Lukashenko congratulates Patriarch Kirill on 70th birthday Alexander Lukashenko and Vladimir Putin visited the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour where.Already in a few decades the evangelical doctrine so was widely spread in our country, that in 1436 inquisition was established to oppose the Hussites. However it had not much success. We can see the signs of the Hussites activity in Belarus during the whole.Jan Hus ideas made a great influence on the Belarusian first printer Francisk Skaryna, so that the united archimandrite Anastasy Seljaev, who lived in the beginning of the 17 th century, labeled him directly as a Hussite heretic.In the middle of the 19 th century a new stage in the development of Evangelical Movement began in Belarus. In the cities and villages of East Belarus Baptist churches began to appear. The first of them was the church in Ut village of Gomel.For example, the vigil is being held in Minsk at this moment, in the Holy Spirit Cathedral. It is headed by Metropolitan Pavel. Orthodox Christians celebrate Christmas Eve The Orthodox world is preparing for Christmas celebrations.In the middle of the 16th century, the Reformation in Belarus reached such a level that it gives grounds to make conclusions of the Evangelical Churchs taking the leading position in the spiritual life of our country.Disintegration of the USSR and Belarus gaining her independence have opened new opportunities for the preaching of the Gospel. The following organizations began to function as independent affiliations the Union of Baptist Evangelical Christians, the Union of Christians of Evangelical Faith (Pentecostals Affiliation of Full-Gospel.In the last years there many social programs directed on rendering assistance to the deprived, physically challenged and other unprotected strata of society have been conducted. Children, orphaned children and children of Chernobyl are given aid, rehabilitation centers for alcohol and drug addicts are opened.The head of state also lit a candle before the icon of Our Lady of Minsk. Belarusians flocking to churches despite Christmas frosts. The Orthodox world is celebrating Christmas. Today, on January 6, is Christmas Eve.After the Revolution of 1917 they took an active part in the social life of the country: founded collective farms based on Christian principles, promoted moral values, economic efficiency of fair and honest work, and a sober way of life.Since 1990s, in last years of the existence of the USSR and after the foundation of the new independent state of Belarus, the Belarusian Protestant churches have eagerly joined the public life of the country.Among the diplomats was a representative of the Catholic Church. The Apostolic Nuncio handed the President the symbolic message. President: Belarus for resolving conflicts peacefully, at negotiating table only There are new persons among the foreign envoys to Belarus.