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Mar 15, 2010. The wives of Alcoholic Anonymous s founders were the first to address. Studies of partners of sex addicts confirm that most do not recover on.Org/ The Refuge, A Healing Place in Ocklawaha, FL m/ Bellwood Health Services in Toronto, Ontario.If you do not find a face-to-face meeting in your area, we offer telephone and internet-based. NY, USA, Beginners meeting - New York SAA Primary Purpose.Mostly males in attendance. Sexual Addicts Anonymous (SAA) https saa-recovery. org. National: (800) NYC:       (347) 815-4SAA (722) NYC website: nycsaa. org phone line for Spanish speakers (347) 566-9ASA (272) Sexual Compulsives Anonymous (SCA) a-recovery.Using Mindfulness in your recovery: m/ Useful Videos: TED talk by Brene Brown on vulnerability. TED talk by Gary Wilson on porn. TED talk by Paula Hall on sex addiction. Books For Addicts: Out Of The Shadows by Partick Carnes.No Stones Women Redeemed from Sexual Addiction by Marnie Ferree. Naked In Public: A Memoir of Recovery From Sex Addiction and Other Temporary Insanities by Staci Sprout "Love, Lust, Anger by Maureen Cannon. Facing Love Addiction by Pia Mellody, Ready to Heal by Kelly McDaniels.Org National: (800) Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous (SLAA ) aany. org National: (781) NYC:      (646) Sexual Recovery Anonymous (SRA) xualrecovery. org NYC: (646) S-Anon http sanon. org/ National: (800) National 12 step program for spouses of sexual addicts and partners of sexual offenders.Sex Addicts Anonymous a 12-step organization helping men and women. We learned through the SAA Fellowship that we were not hopelessly defective.Not to be confused with Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous, Sexaholics. Anonymous, Sexual Recovery Anonymous, or Sexual Compulsives Anonymous. Sex Addicts Anonymous (SAA) is a twelve-step program for people who want to stop their. losing a spouse/partner/boyfriend/girlfriend, or just a life that is out of control.Recovering Couples Anonymous (RCA) covering-couples. org/ National:  A national 12 step program focused on the recovery issues of the couple itself. Both partners (addict and co-addict) are encouraged to attend. All committed couples are welcome.For more detailed information call the local hotline number. The hotline numbers usually  provide a recorded announcement or confidentially take your name and number and call you back with meeting information. Sexaholics Anonymous (SA) p Toll-free: (866) NYC (212) A national 12 step program for.Primarily married women in attendance. Companion program to SA. COSA http cosa-recovery. org National: (866) 899-COSA (2672) National 12 step program for partners and significant others of sexual addicts and sexual offenders. Both men and women in attendance.