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Comments (0) Tuesday, June 28 2016 @ 10:17 AM. Contributed by: ElyseRomano Views: 919 Despite criticism every time it surfaces, theres at least one app idea that refuses to die. Stroovy is the latest in a long line of apps for rating and reviewing people.
Understandably, this has caused concern among parents whose teenagers have been using the popular dating app to find others to meet. Tinders age verification is tied to Facebook, and the app has only let users who are younger than 18 see other users who are.
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Like all online dating services, its about the numbers. But since Tinder has a popular brand and large database of users now, its time they put the restrictions in place. For more on this dating app, chck our our review of TInder.
What makes this one different, however, is that its limited to people who use dating services. Finding the perfect mate can seem impossible, reads the apps website. Stroovy provides serious online daters a community-led platform for peer-to-peer dater review.
Youll also be prompted to write love sex and dating part 2 Group sex contacts a short review of your experience with that person. Of note is the fact that Stroovys reviews are not entirely anonymous. A user name and avatar appear alongside each review, and users are required to sign up with a.
Tinders practice of letting teens use its app has been an anomaly in the industry, and one that hasnt gotten as much attention as its reputation for quick hook-ups. But as of this month, the company has raised its minimum user age requirement up to eighteen.
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Comments (0) Wednesday, July 27 2016 @ 07:26 AM. Contributed by: kellyseal Views: 505 Tinder, one of the worlds largest dating platforms, has been available to users as young as thirteen since the app launched almost four years ago.
Welcome to Dating Sites Reviews Saturday, January 07 2017 @ 11:56 AM. Contributed by: kellyseal Views: 576 Dating apps have provided a great way for people to connect, but along with the positives, the downside to dating apps still looms large - users aren't necessarily safe.