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11. It was _ warm and sunny day, so we decided to sit in _ garden. 12. _ man called when you were out. 13. My uncle used to be _ dentist before he retired. 14. If you see _ black cat, youll have bad luck.
E.g. She dropped the book. I remember the fun I had with them. The girls were not at home. 2. A/an is used when you are talking about a person or a thing for the first time.
9. He's a really nice man. 3. Whos at the door? Its the postman. 10. How well can a cat see in the dark? 4. Whats John doing these days? He is working as a postman.
The article is pronounced n, when stressed it is pronounced æn. e.g.  an apple, an honest man The definite has one graphic form the which is pronounced in two ways: i before a vowel sound; before a consonant sound Practice Activities.
5. I bought _ house in Wales. _ house was in _ agricultural area. 6. This is _ front room. _ ceiling and the walls need decorating, but _ floor is in good order. Well probably cover it with _ carpet.
Шаблоны joomla на Красивые шаблоны joomla. НАШИ ПРОГНОЗЫ САМЫЕ ТОЧНЫЕ НАШИ ГАДАНИЯ СБЫВАЮТСЯ ВСЕГДА. НАШИ КАРТЫ ГОВОРЯТ ТОЛЬКО ПРАВДУ любовь. ДЕТИ. бизнес. КАРЬЕРА. одиночество. ДЕНЬГИ. конфликты. ИЗМЕНА. семья. РАЗВОД. работа. ОТНОШЕНИЯ. магия. НЕУДАЧИ. соперница. УЧЕБА.
Exercise 1.2. Insert the proper article a or an. 1) _  elephant 12) _ uncle 23) _ MP3 file 2) _ university 13) _ X-ray 24) _ euro 3) _ umbrella 14) _ European athlete 25) _ one-parent family 4) _ Irish girl 15) _.
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