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Sperm enter you tubes and hang around for a couple of days waiting for you to release an egg and once that occurs. Bam your knocked! posted by a BabyCenter Member Report answer Was this answer helpful?
The menstrual cycle can be divided into 3 phases: pre-ovulatory, ovulation, and post-ovulatory or the luteal phase, and the length of each phase can vary. The rhythm method to predict your window of fertility can give an answer to the above question.
Many women wonder how to avoid pregnancy, given their menstrual cycles and fertile times. It is important to begin by knowing how your cycles work. The menstrual cycle is the time from the first day of your period to the first day of your next.
5. Try New Places and Positions. Don't always use your bed for your sexual acts. Try to be adventurous (but be safe as well). Look for new locations and sex positions to enhance the fun.
It depends on the length of your menstrual cycle (it should be exactly a 28 day cycle or little less) and if you have a regular periods cycle. If the cycle is longer than 28 days that, this time frame isnt reliable.
Remember that this only works if you have regular periods that you can easily track! Notes and Precautions: Keep in mind that even if you do figure out when you ovulate, it can be tough to know exactly when you can and cant have sex.
General Rule Some women believe that the best time to have sex and not get pregnant is right after their period starts or right before it begins; however, those dates might not be accurate, due to changing schedules and fluctuating hormones.
How to make a safe sex enjoyable can be a concern for many people. Here we list seven perfect tips for you to try. 1. Get Tested Both of you will feel relaxed when you know you two are clean and infection-free.
Days other than this are considered SAFE, that is, the 1st-7th day of the cycle and then again from the 22nd to the 28th day. But this may not exactly be correct for all women.
I had unprotected sex 6 days after my period and that day was December 30,2016 and I was laying on my back and yes his sperm went inside of me. I wanted to know can I be pregnant?