She is looking for him in koln

He said konz, told me i had a wonderful bike and wished me luck. i looked at my bike and laughed and would have told him he was a liar if i knew the german word for it.
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I also thank my colleagues of this volume, University Professors Hans-Georg Beck and Eugen Ewig, who, out of regard for me, delayed the publication of their long-finished contributions. Finally, the fact that Volume II has been able to appear in print at all, and a.
Coupled with a cobblestone street it exploded into a percussive juggernaut, keeping time with the drunken cries of "bier mit apfelcron coming from fans of some local soccer club, doddering to the hauptbahnhof to make their way home.
And so, despite his. satisfaction over the completion of his work, he still feels as Augustine did earlier in regard to his preaching: mihi prope semper sermo meus dis- plicet (De catech, rud. 2, 2).
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Was about 30 cheaper than its bordering countries. a tax thing. grevenmacher is a typically beautiful, green, clean, rich, safe, luxembourgian town. sneaked into the bernard massard winery as it was closing and bought a bottle of rivaner and one of champagne for sawhney.
Trier had some interesting fm stations in particular one 98.2 i remember that played this slow techno, grunge, portisheadlike stuff as i started riding. then there was this one station playing this cool song zwanzig tausend milen uber die mer or something like that which.
Rained most of the way. at home sawhney cooked great chicken which we had with iranian rice with the burnt thadig at the bottom of the pan. opened the bottle of champagne and watched most of dheela's wedding and reception video.
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