What are women with 40 want to

5. Live for you A huge part of my life was taken up by taking care of everyone else which resulted in having no time for myself. My motives and reasons for doing things were wrong which in turn made my life much harder than it. Some of my past experiences forced me to do things differently which turned into a good thing eventually. Here are 20 brutally honest things women turning 40 want all women in their 30s to know. 1.My life right now is pretty good, but if I could have planned it all out or done things differently  it definitely would not look like how it actually turned out. I am a blessed mother of two children and I do have a few."You get knocked around a few times by women with big knockers and you realize a pretty face isn't everything says 27-year-old Peter, a marketing consultant. "But I'm still initially attracted to someone's looks. So any busty blondes reading this can contact me through the.We want more stylish, modern, colourful tunics. 7. Wider sleeves on coats, blouses and dresses. We get more practical as we get older. Our coats still need to fit over a full outfit, which means the sleeves should be wide enough to accommodate for several.I will be 40 in less than a year. I would be lying if I said that turning the big 40 didnt bother me. It seems that 40 is a number where I believe I should have finally arrived in life, or my life should.Bob, a 41-year-old advertising executive, knows this frustration. "It would be easier to meet someone if my primary interest was looks. But if I don't connect with someone in a cerebral way, I lose interest fast.If you are on the end of a relationship where that person is a taker vs. a giver its time to set boundaries or slowly end the relationship. Once you begin to learn proper boundaries to set with people you would rather not have to.It took me a while to be willing to forgive but I was able to work through it and experience freedom. Once you are able to truly let go of past hurts made by yourself or others, you see life and love in a positive.For myself in the end, they only got worse. If you dont see longevity in your current relationship or you have too many if onlys with that person, then you might not be with your ideal mate.Modest V-necks We like V-necks but we dont want them cut so low. V-necks are very flattering but many of us dont like to show a lot of cleavage. 20. Show us a variety of models In addition to all these clothes wishes, show us.At 39, Paul, a computer consultant, is no longer looking to date, but to mate. "I want someone who looks like a good baby-maker, not an anorexic who's afraid to put a cookie in her mouth." 40: COMPANIONSHIP Men in this age range still think.Once you realise that worrying will not change your outcome, you begin to accept whatever is going to happen to you. You realise you will be okay no matter what. Once I stopped worrying so much about everything, my stress levels decreased immensely.7. Travel more This might be my biggest regret. I did travel some when I was younger before I had children and it was wonderful. Money can buy you material things or memories. If I had thought about it this way before, I would have.