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Anyway, my dad came with me to the agency and they took loads of photos and now they (to search Turkish woman in Germany Adult parties uk offer) me a contract. 10 points V. Spot the error and correct it. I think you should stop to work and leave at five oclock as.Тем туристам, которые ценят искусство и выбрали для своего отпуска путевки в Лондон, обязательно стоит посетить знаменитые английские музеи и великолепные выставки современного искусства. Именно здесь вы найдете самое лучшее и сможете отследить последние тенденции культурного мира.Her lack confidence was the reason her not getting the job. We need someone to look the children while we are work. We were dissatisfied the hotel service, so we complained the manager. We searched vain the missing money.2. How do you like to travel? 3. What questions would you ask a tour guide on a tour of London? 4. What can you advise a person who doesnt know where to spend his/her holiday?Use the words in brackets, make nouns to fit each gape. (art) Which modernis the most popular now? (argue) Yesterday we had a big with our son he wanted to dye his hair red. (explain) Im sorry but youris absolutely unbelievable.At first I thought it (to be) a joke, because I ( not to dress) up or anything. I (to get) up late, and (wear) jeans and sloppy jersey and (not to wash) even my hair.A teenager will probably enjoy a more adventurous place like an inhabited island. Some people are happy with the place where they are and dont want to go anywhere. 5. What difficulties can you have when visiting a foreign country?It gives you a good chance not to run into unusual problems like unfamiliar traditions and uncommon animals. It doesnt matter how good your English is, learn a set of phrases in the local language.Готовимся к ответу по теме Lets talk about travelling and tourism. Темы на экзамене разные и нужно готовиться к нему серьезно и заранее. 1. Lets talk about travelling. What role does it play in your life?2016 ANLooK. Блог о моде, путешествиях, событиях и вдохновении. Использование материалов разрешено только с предварительного согласия правообладателей. Все права на изображения и тексты принадлежат их авторам. сайт от gophotoweb.2. Youve visited some foreign countries. Which of them did you like most and would recommend your friend to visit? Until you are an experienced traveller go to the countries which are similar to your home country.But interviewer was friendly and even offered me cup of coffee. 18 points. II. Words order/questions. Choose the correct answer: 1. I couldnt understand a) to whom she was addressing; b) whom she was addressing; c) who she was addressing to; d) to who she.5. What difficulties can you have when visiting a foreign country? Is it possible to avoid them? 1. What means of transport do you prefer and why? 2. Youve visited some foreign countries. Which of them did you like most and would recommend your friend.