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Studies show that partners who prod each other to meet goalsin other words, don't support lazy or bad habitsare ultimately happier than those who don't hold each other accountable. like us on facebook If you 'like' us, we'll LOVE you!If we mention we love a certain restaurant, surprise us and plan a date there. If we say we have a particular flower, bring us flowers on the next date. If we tell you we're eager to see a specific movie or play, get tickets.And scratching our heads is pretty great, too. 3. Romance. It's another night on the couch with take-out and TiVo? Just because we're staying in doesn't mean the evening can't be romantic. Light a few candles and see where the night leads.A man who's considerate is very sexy. 9. Don't Be High Maintenance We like to date men who can go with the flow. Women can be high maintenance; men can't. We want to date someone we can bring anywhere.6. Communication. Women are vocal creatures. We know you love us, but it's nice to hear you say it, too. We can also be insecure. We wish we weren't, but the reality is that we often notice our wobbly thighs and forget about our gorgeous.This includes helping around the house. The realities of a 21st-century relationship are that both partners probably work. If you happen to get home before we do, why not take vacuum the living room or throw in a load of laundry? Follow the golden rule and treat us as you would like to be treated: Be honest, fair, kind, and considerate. 2. Sex. Yes, we love sex. But, remember that there are four bases to cover in the bedroom, not just one.So let us know when you think we're hot. Tell us we're beautiful. It helps us feel good. Plus, when we feel sexy we're more likely to act sexy. Words of appreciation aren't half-bad either.MOST POPULAR Click to view (12 images) Photo: weheartit Read Later Photo: weheartit Read Later. Click to view (12 images) Photo: weheartit Read Later Click to view (12 images) Photo: WeHeartIt Read Later Photo: weheartit Read Later Photo: weheartit Read Later Photo: weheartit Read Later.Dec 11, 2014.Note: you won't find diamond rings or other fancy things anywhere on this list. While many women really do want luxury goods from men, when you break it down they are just physical representations of some of the points on this list.If we're invited to a business dinner, we want to date a man who can put on a fancy suit and talk about important things. When a client invites us to a sports game, we want to date someone who can keep up with the.Tell us you love the lasagna we made. Thank us for driving the kids to school. Notice that we cleaned the bathtub. It doesn't have to be over the top, just let us know that you see the effort we put in, and you're grateful.