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4. My maths (be getting worse and worse. 16. The goods you ordered (have arrived. 5. Phonetics (be a branch of linguistics. 17. (be there any kennels in this area? 6. Mathematics (be a compulsory subject. 18. Many species of butterflies (have dissappeared.
Contents of the virtual sex date Illicit encountets book _ not much varied. 1) is 2) was 3) are 3. Ten dollars _ not much to live on. 1) is 2) are 3) were 4. Cheese and crackers _ a good snack after school.
The proceeds of last weeks festival _ donated to several local charities. 1) was 2) were 3) have 4) has 15. Traditionally, United Nations troops _ been deployed only in a peace-k.
The land was bought out of the ( выручку of the sale of his paintings. 5. You must learn how to take the ( протокол. 6. Give my ( привет to your daughter. 7. The object of the show was to stimulate the ( продажу of his.
They usually refer to: subjects of study mathematics, physics, linguistics, genetics; activities athletics, gymnastics, aerobics; games cards, darts, billiards, checkers, draughts, dominoes, bowls; illnesses measles, mumps, rabies. The nouns: acoustics, economics, politics and statistics take a singular verb when they refer to the academic subject.
6. Im looking for the pliers. Youll find _ on the shelf. 7. _ scissors (do not cut very well. 8. My earnings (be not high, but at least _ (be regular. 9. _ shorts (do not fit me at all.
Sweets _ the level of sugar in your blood. 1) increase 2) are increased 3) increases 12. Each chair and table _ freshly painted. 1) look 2) looks 3) are looking 13. Money
6. He carries all his _ with him in an old suitcase. 7. We took some time off to walk round the town and see the _. 8. He emptied the _ of his pockets. 9. We do not have the _ to deal with the problem.
Id love to get one of the main roles in Chicago eventually. As for getting older in the business, I know a lot of dancers in their mid-30s who are in main parts and doing well. Woman : Well, Ive been looking in the catalogue, and Id like to get a travel bag.